Top 10 Weight Loss Foods

Lose stomach fat and get rid of it, is the wishes we all seek to enjoy a healthy and slim body. Since food is primarily responsible for the formation of fats in the body,there are somethings you need to do before doing various stomach exercises, adjustments should be made to the nature of the food entering the body. Here is a list of the best healthy foods that are stomach friendly and help to lose fats

1-Almonds :

Almond is a great meal that you can eat between the main meals to overcome hunger with the lowest calories, it also gives you a sense of satiety for a long time. Eat 10 to 20 almonds a day and enjoy a tight, healthy stomach.

2-Legumes :

Legumes such as beans are rich in proteins and natural fibers that help in the process of slimming the abdomen and get rid of stomach fat.

3 – Spinach :

Spinach and other green leaves such as broccoli, watercress and lettuce are light meals on the stomach and saturated at the same time. It is also rich in iron and other beneficial minerals for the body. Eat a green leafy salad before eating to help you reduce the amount of food you eat.

4-Yogurt :

Calcium in milk products helps break down stomach fat, which helps a lot in the treatment for fat lose, but consider choosing low-fat types.

5- Olive Oil:

The body needs fat to fight hunger, but hydrogenated vegetable oils are not the best for slimming the abdomen. Therefore, it is advisable to replace it with olive oil or canola. Because It will not raise your body’s cholesterol levels like other oils, and it will eliminate your hunger with the least calories.

6- Oats :

Oatmeal is rich in natural fiber and stays in the stomach for a long time, which gives you a sense of satiety for a long time and helps to lose stomach fats. Beware of oatmeal-sweetened products and choose flavor-free varieties that you can sweeten with natural berries.

7- Whole grains

Whole grains are rich in healthy carbohydrates and give you a sense of satiety for long periods so they are great in slimming the stomach and contribute significantly to the treatment of fat lose .

8- Eggs

Eggs contain vitamin B12, which the body needs to burn stomach fat and is rich in proteins that provide the body with energy.

9- Peanut Butter :

Peanut butter is another stomach-friendly food. It contains vitamin (B3) which maintains normal digestion rates, preventing flatulence and contributing to the treatment of stomach fats. Remember that it is full of fat so just take two tablespoons of peanut butter daily.

10- Berries

Berries with different types are rich in useful fiber and natural sugar that the body needs. Add them to oats or yogurt for a low-calorie saturated meal.

It should also be noted that tuna meat, fish and turkey are stomach-friendly foods and help burn stomach fat and treat overweight bodies.