Stay Away From These 11 Foods That Could Cause Cancer

According to experts, there are many foods that we should not consume because they hide the danger of getting cancer. We have prepared a list of risky food that can cause you cancer.
Is it true that there are certain foods that you should not consume because it could be so harmful as well as exhausting some chronic diseases like cancer? The market is overgrown with a wide variety of foods, food that keeps tempting us with no actual benefit to our bodies. They always look fresh, are appetizing, and seem to be a quick fix to calm the feeling of hunger that assails us between meals.
But sometimes, we forget that behind this distinctive aspect lies a high concentration of saturated fats and other added toxic and harmful compounds that can cause cancer in our body when we consume them regularly. What are these unhealthy foods? Why should they be avoided at all costs? Here we present you the ten leading food you should avoid at all costs.

1- Sausages

sausage burgers All varieties of cold cuts can produce side effects on health. Including when the label indicates that they are “low in sodium” or “low in fat.” These foods are prepared from meat residues that contain too much fat and few nutrients. To maintain their fresh appearance, they are subject to a chemical process in which substances such as nitrites and nitrates, related to diseases such as cancer, are added.

Research has shown that even the most expensive and highest quality sausages contain nitrates that cause cancer. A kilo of sausage includes 400% more salt and 50% more fat than a piece of raw beef.

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