Essential exercises to strengthen the abdominals easily

Who said that to strengthen abs, it is mandatory to follow an indoor sports routine?
While it is evident that effort is inevitable, it is not necessary to follow an intensive routine and to use specific tools to achieve the desired results. Defining your abdominals takes time and requires a right balance between healthy eating and specific exercises.

Contrary to what most of us think, it is possible to shape your muscles at home by following a simple routine that will put an end to the false excuses for not training.

While the results take longer to appear than when you train indoors with a personal trainer, but if you are consistent, the results will be visible after a while.

Discover here in more detail five exercises that will help you to strengthen your abdominals. What are you waiting for? Let’s go!

The dead bug

Although the name is a bit strange, it is a beneficial exercise to work the abdominals which, moreover, helps improve coordination.

Since this exercise works the lower part and the upper part of the abdomen, it is an ideal exercise for those who wish to tone their body.

The instructions of the exercise

Lie on your back on a mat with your legs straight and your hands close to your hips.

Without taking off your back from the mat, lift your left leg up to the ceiling until it is fully stretched.

While keeping your leg up and stretched, now extend your left arm toward the ceiling to form a right angle with your leg up.

Return to the initial position slowly and change sides.

Do ten repetitions for each side.

The Russian twist

Russian twists are other active movements to work abdominals: not only do they work in the oblique area, but they also strengthen the muscles high and low.

The instructions of the exercise

On your carpet, lie on your back and bend the upper trunk until you are in an almost sitting position, then peel the legs off the floor and keep your feet together.

Stretch the arms (they should not flex) and keep the palms of the hands glued together.

Lean your torso a little to the back, then swing the upper trunk towards the right side.

Hold the new position for a few seconds, then do the same on the left side.

Do six repetitions on each side.

The bicycle

Also known as Bicycle Crunch, this exercise is considered one of the complete exercises to tone and strengthen this area of ​​the body. This exercise allows you to work the entire abdominal area at one time.

The instructions of the exercise

On your carpet, lie on your back, your back has to be straight and your legs tight.

Your hands behind your neck, and point your elbows out.

Then lift your right knee and make sure it meets the left elbow.

Return to the original position and do the same with the left knee and right elbow.

Alternate movements until you reach ten repetitions for each side.

The scissors

To finish this simple routine mainly devoted to the abdominals, we recommend you to include a classic: Scissors.

At first glance, this exercise seems simple, but as you exercise, you will feel tension throughout the belly and in the obliques.

The instructions of the exercise

Lie on your back with the palms of your hand just below the buttocks.

Without taking off the arms of the carpet, lean forward a little and raise your legs a little so that they are a few inches from the ground.

Now lift one of the legs to form a right angle. Hold for a few seconds, then return to the original position without putting your leg on the ground.

Do between twelve and fifteen repetitions for each leg.

Are you determined to follow this simple sports routine for your abs? If you run out of time, this routine is perfect for you; you will not even need much space or special equipment.

Only a few minutes a day is enough to define the abdomen gradually.