6 Simple Exercises to Lose Thigh Fat Fast

Squat With Ball

Here is another variant of a squat that uses an activity ball. It focuses on your thighs and as a little something extra, rubs your back!

Step by step instructions to Do It

Press your activity ball against a flat and clear wall, and position the ball into the bend of your lower back. Plant feet shoulder-width separated. Tenderly bend your knees and hunch down around 5 to 10 inches, depending on your comfort. Keep hips squared and shoulders level. Hold for 3 seconds and come back to beginning position. For beginners, begin with 5 reps and mean to stir your way up to 12. Rest for at 30 seconds between sets.

Single-Leg Circle

This is a misleadingly basic move that yields enormous outcomes in the thigh-thinning game. It connects with your center just as your thighs, and requires no gear – simply enough space to lie downs.
Step by step instructions to Do It
Rests on your back with arms resting by your sides and palms looking down. Lift your correct leg toward the roof, toes pointed and leg turned marginally outward. Gradually follow a clockwise hover on the roof with your correct leg, being mindful so as to keep your hips still and on the floor. Repeat the circle multiple times moving clockwise, at that point stop and complete 5 cycles in a counter-clockwise course. Switch legs and do again. Go for 5 sets on every leg.

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